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Your time is valuable. To make the most of the time we have in this session, there is a clear agenda set before the session. The agenda items are normally the following: 

  • Determine your current requirements through thoughtful questions, and open discussion.   
  • Propose possible solutions we can offer to help. 

If there is agreement in concept to the proposed services, then we proceed to Step #2. ​
​Depending on the scope of the project, proposals are normally drafted within 24 hours of the initial meeting in Step #1. The proposal will outline the requirements discussed, and will include pricing that was discussed in the previous meeting. We take pride in underselling and over delivering. 
​Many of our proposals are presented to multiple stakeholders in your organization. Including them at this meeting is important. We can answer questions and make adjustments to the proposal in real time as required. Distance and timing are often issues in trying to organize several people in a meeting. Through online meeting technology we can invite stakeholders from just about anywhere, and record the session those who cannot attend.  
We identify the Gaps in your Sales Systems. First we understand your current systems that include pipeline management, CRM integration, and sales support functions.  By collaborating with your team, we document the valuable best practices of your most successful sales leaders. We compare your best practices to 'best in class' sales teams, identify the skill gaps and recommend training and coaching alternatives.  We create, and help implement plans to fix both sales skill and selling systems gaps. Our process is proven and our outcomes successful. 
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