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Coaching Services 
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As a sales manager, you want to get the best possible coaching for your sales person. Our sales coaches have over 5 years of sales experience, and 5 years of sales management experience. They are professionals helping professionals. They are trained in best practices in coaching techniques and fully understand the value of accountability and motivation. They are often trained facilitators who have trained 100's of sales people through their career. During this 1 hour session you will have an opportunity to talk with a sales coach, and get to know the expertise you may hire. 
​If you are happy with the coach you have selected, we will proceed to put an agreement together. These normally take 24 hours, and are sent by email. If you would like to interview another coach, we can  make those arrangements. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.
​Once an agreement is signed, the following steps take place: 
Step #1: Coach books appointment with Rep.  
Step #2: They discuss mutually agreed coaching times.
Step #3: Coach sets out session agendas and pre-work
Step #4: Goals are set, and session planners filled out
Step #5: Weekly follow-up with the Sales Manager set

Coaching Services are offered to both sales professionals and sales managers. In partnership with the Canadian Professional Sales Association, we offer certification programs including the Certified Professional Sales Manager (CPSM) and the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) coaching program. These programs run for 6 consecutive weeks and cover all the best practices of effective sales and sales management. The one on one program is offered Live Online through WebEx technology that allows the participant and coach to see each other. This helps facilitate meaningful role play exercises, and reduces the cost of travel.     
How does it Work?