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Understanding and Managing Yourself: Personality traits for Sales Success
Recognizing that personality styles impact outcomes
Learning the four traits for sales effectiveness
Managing your attitude: key to high performance selling
Importance of developing and maintaining a professional standard of service, behaviour, and conduct
Understanding the psychology of selling
Developing stress-relief strategies

Business Creation - Strategic Territory Planning
Developing a superior goal-orientation attitude. The S.M.A.R.T. model for developing goals
Establishing criteria for an in-depth competitive analysis of your territory and individual accounts
Generating a comprehensive strategy for profit maximization
Mastering high-value tools for effective prospecting: steps to effective new business creation and five critical prospecting rules

The Selling Process with a Higher Success Rate
Developing an effective prospecting script to secure appointments
Learning to apply the consultative selling process to gain a commitment to proceed to a full presentation
Learning how to prepare and deliver a sales presentation: styles, components, and identification with your audience
Managing client meetings: principles of face-to-face selling, keys to rapport building, questioning, benefit selling, objection handling, and closing

Keeping Customers, Building and Managing your Business
Mastering key steps to effective account/territory planning and Planning using the Planning
Pyramid: relationship between sales plans, territory plans, and account plans
Setting profitable goals, conducting a competitive analysis, and calculating sales Returns on Time Investment (R.O.T.I.)
Creating an effective customer care program
  • Identify and develop the traits necessary for sales success
  • Relieve stress and maintain optimism
  • Spend more time making sales calls
  • Develop a professional standard of performance
  • Learn strategies to optimize the time you spend managing territories and accounts
  • Increase client retention
  • Maintain a successful and consistent prospecting funnel
  • Convert prospects to “hot ones” more successfully
  • Identify the needs of your client and become a consultative advisor
  • Overcome client objections such as price to close more sales
  • Ensure your presentations are effective and heard
  • Direct the outcome of a negotiation
  • Understand different personalities and how to better influence them
  • Formula for measuring your time and what you’re worth to your organization
  • A unique value proposition
  • Chart of personality styles
  • Compliance Principles
  • Closed-loop time and goal management system
  • Goal-setting system
  • Competitive Analyses
  • 4-step account management process
  • Defined prospecting funnel
  • Call scripts
  • 8-step Consultative Selling process
  • Question asking tools
  • Business cases
  • Negotiation principles
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