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Roles of the Effective Sales Manager
•Examining the stages of business evolution and the implications for sales maanagement
•Adding value through your multiple roles as strategist, business manager and talent manager

Vision in Sales Leadership 
•Aligning sales goals with corporate goals and values
•Selecting your go-to-market strategies to further penetrate the market
•Learning to lead and inspire representatives towards growth, job satisfaction, and superior performance
•Communicating vision and change effectively to minimize resistance
•Leading through times of change

​Managing Sales Performance
•Tools to measure and manage the performance of the sales force
•Methods to create sales budgeting, forecasting and projecting
•Solutions for productivity improvement

Talent Management 
•Understanding and implementing the talent management process
•Creating your own profile of a successful salesperson
•Recruiting, hiring and compensating your sales team
•Being knowledgeable about key issues and considerations surrounding termination
•Presenting strategies to motivate your salespeople towards improved performance
•Managing sales performance
•Developing and coaching your company’s most significant resources

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Our Professional Sales Management explores your role as a sales manager, specific skills, and concepts that will improve your performance in the 3 key areas of sales management: leadership, talent management, and business management. Through numerous workshop practice sessions, case study analysis and role play, you will learn the critical success factors of sales management. 

As a sales manager, your organization and team depend on you to be the key component of revenue generation. Register for Professional Sales Management and become the sales manager that drives the success of your company. 

Professional Sales Management
•Understand what is expected of you as a sales leader
•Add full value to your organization and team
•Increase the efficiency of your team
•Maintain the drive and optimism of your reps
•Reduce resistance to change
•Utilize metrics and a development plan increase your team’s performance
•Enhance your role as a business manager
•Remove obstacles to your team’s performance
•Build a successful team and rewarding environment with appropriate compensation
•Assist your team in setting and achieving their targets using a cooperative method

•A unique value proposition
•Chart of personality styles
•Compliance Principles
•Closed-loop time and goal management system
•Goal-setting system
•Competitive Analyses
•4-step account management process
•Defined prospecting funnel
•Call scripts
•8-step Consultative Selling process
•Question asking tools
•Business cases
•Negotiation principles

Instructor: Paul Kidston, MBA, CSP, P.Mgr.
Author | 90 Day Sales Accelerator, Getting Your Sales Playbook Together
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